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Thank you for visiting EPWT.com, the Elite Pro Wrestling Training website.  Contained in these pages of cyberspace, you’ll find information on our training camps, our legendary and knowledgeable instructors and our strong passion and love for the professional wrestling industry.  Collectively, the Elite training Crew brings over 160 years of experience in the professional wrestling industry.  This love and passion is conveyed in our desire to see the foundation we helped to build with respect, hard work and dedication continue.

In April of 2003, Harley Race, Les Thatcher and several other trainers held a two-day wrestling clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of the Cauliflower Alley Club Convention.  There were several independent wrestlers in attendance from schools that we believe to be legitimate and adamant about teaching wrestling the proper way.  However, there was one thing that stood out to us.  These young athletes had a grasp of the basic moves, but the smaller intricacies that make the bigger things work were missing.  Psychology wasn’t even a part of many of the independent wrestlers’ vocabulary.  After much thought, we felt that we had an answer.

Many of today’s trainers are young athletes with only half dozen years or more of experience themselves.  While they can teach what they do know, they cannot take you where they have not been themselves.  In forming EPWT, we can go into these training centers and work with not only the students, but also work with the trainers themselves.  Plain and simple, if we can help the trainers expand their knowledge, and improve their training techniques, then they should be able to turn out a higher quality of performer.  Our goal is to give something back to the business that has been 90% of our own lives, and to help keep the standards of excellence as high as possible.

Our clinics are a cross breed of old school and current trends, and our idea is to combine the two into one beautiful art form.  We want to help add dimension to some of the one-dimensional matches we are all too familiar with in today’s independent wrestling scene.

Why Elite?  What do we bring to the table?  Combining the careers of the entire Elite Crew there is over 160 years of pro wrestling experience, a combined total of over 50 regional and world titles held.  Three of our crew are hall of fame inductees, and many of the top performers in WWE, TNA, ROH, and talent in several Japanese and Puerto Rican promotions have learned at least part or all of their pro wrestling education from members of our team.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Scattered throughout, you will see inspirational quotes that appeared on the walls of the HWA training facility from Hillsmith Drive in Cincinnati.  These words provide a solid understanding of our mentality regarding training, and inspired many of today’s top wrestling superstars as they worked their way to the top.  Also as you look around you will see that we have several different plans for you to build clinics on.  You may bring your group to one of the two Elite-sanctioned training camps, or we will be happy to travel to your location.

Our main goal is to help keep a high standard of talent and professionalism flowing into our industry so that we all may take pride in the profession that we’ve dedicated our lives.

Thank you,

Elite Pro Wrestling Training Crew