The Professional Wrestler’s Instructional and Workout Guide Testimonials

Your Mother & Harley Race

No, viagra canada ailment I am not trying to pick a fight.  I just have some of the same good advice your Mother might give, viagra canada which is also good advice from Harley Race. Don’t think that the writers of Atomic Athletic’s newest book have never picked a fight.  I was just leafing through this outstanding publication and I noticed a great TIP.

Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat and Les Thatcher have done more than just bump heads.  They wrote the book on how to professional wrestle.


It’s called “The Professional Wrestlers’ Workout & Instructional Guide”. This is not just another fitness book by the current baby face, this is the real deal.  Not collegiate wrestling, but real TV type professional wrestling is what you will find here.

Here is the TIP that made me start to really read their book, and carry it at Atomic Athletic, from page 19 “Always wipe your feet while standing on the edge of the ring apron before entering.”

That is the same advice I got when I started Olympic weightlifting.  In fact, the best gyms always have some sort of floor mat next to their platforms.  In international competition there is actually a rosin box to step in.  Think about a violin bow’s rosin, or the rosin sometimes used in baseball.  It will make your feet just a little more grippy.  This was essential when Olympic weightlifting shoes soles were made of leather, instead of rubber type composites.  Yet, it is still nice to have.

This book is full of great tips like that.  Whether you want to start into professional wrestling, you are a martial artist, or just a fan that wants to know what REALLY is going on in the ring, and how those guys train to do those amazing stunts, this book is for you.  Here is the link:

Right now, we have it as part of a limited edition package, including an original “Acrobat” magazine that is over 50 years old, and our new speed, strength and agility charts.  More on those later, or just go to the link.  This is really great, and when the magazines are gone, then they are gone..

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Here is that link again:

Live strong,

Roger LaPointe

Atomic Athletic

500 Lehman Avenue, No. 21

Bowling Green, OH 43402

Roger LaPointe is a long time power lifting, and fitness expert whose “Atomic Athletic” has been supplying and servicing the nations strong men for years.

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